LC/UPC to LC/UPC Duplex OM3 Multimode OFNR 2.0mm Fiber Patch Cable
Descriptions: High Quality and Cost-Effective 50/125μm OM3 Multimode Bend Insensitive Fiber Optic CableThe 50/125μm OM3 multimode bend insensitive fiber optic cable is less attenuation when bent or twisted compared with traditional optical fiber cables and this will make the installation...
from $1.70
LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Multimode PVC (OFNR) 2.0mm Fiber Optic Patch Cable
LightOptics offers fiber optic patch cables to connect network equipment in the data center, telecom room, and at the desktop. 50/125um OM3 Fiber LC to SC Connector OM3 Duplex Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cables are ideal for connecting 10GBase-SR, 10GBase-LRM,...
from $1.90
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