XFP BIDI SM Tx1330nm Rx1270nm LC 20km 10Gb DFB+PIN
XFP, BiDi WDM, 1330nm TX/1270nm RX, LX SMF 20km, 10G, DDM, C-Temp/I-Temp LightOptics's XFP 10G optical transceivers include SR, LR, ER, ZR and support duplex, bidi, cwdm, and dwdm solutions. They adopt a LC interface and are compatible with IEEE802.3ae,...
XFP LR 10Gb 1310nm LC DDM SMF 10km DFB+PIN
XFP, 1310nm, LR SMF 10km, 10GE/OC-192 Multi-rate, DDM This Small Form Factor 10Gb/s XFP transceivers are compliant with the current XFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Specification. They comply with 10-Gigabit Ethernet 10GBASE-LR /LW per IEEE 802.3ae, 10G Fibre Channel 1200-SM-LL-L, 8G...
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