What is MDC connector

What is MDC connector?

MDC connector is from US CONEC for creating higher density patching fields

Introducing a Smaller Form Factor Duplex Connector

Instantly triple your density

Multiple emerging transceiver Multi-Source Agreements (MSAs) have defined architectures that require a duplex optical connector with a smaller footprint than the LC connector. The smaller footprint will enable an increased density at the passive patch panel / cassette interface.

Currently LC duplex connectors offer 144 fibres per 1U. Using the smaller MDC connector increases this by a factor of 3 to 432 fibres (216 ports).

The MDC connector Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) duplex connector is available in both multimode and singlemode (UPC and APC) and uses a 2.0 mm round duplex cable. The MDC connector uses the same 1.25 mm ferrule that is found in LC and so by using a Grade B ferrule IEC 61735-1 insertion loss requirements are met.

MDC connector

Key Points to Note

Ideal for carrier networks – Telcordia GR-326 and TIA-568 compliant
Ideal for higher data rate breakouts (400 G or 200 G )
Offers the same low losses as Low Loss LC duplex connectors (0.15 dB typical)
Uses 2 mm round duplex cable to reduce space (similar to LC uniboot)
Increase fibre density by 3 compared to LC
Push pull extraction tab – similar to LC push pull tab
Why is a higher density duplex connector required ?

Emerging transceiver technologies such as 200G and 400G will increase the number and concentration of high data rate ports in routers and switches.

These ports will utilize MPO multi-fibre (16 or 32 fibre) ports which will then be broken out into duplex pairs to enable connection to multiple switch ports.

It is envisaged that this breakout point will require a much higher duplex fibre port density – hence the need for the MDC connector.

How to change MDC polarity On-site?

Standard polarity: Tx on top, Rx on the bottom
Polarity can be reversed on-site by flipping the housing
Polarity-reversible MDC connector

LightOptics already offered MDC patch cords, MTP to MDC breakout cables and MDC-MTP modular cassettes to our customers. For more details, please feel free to contact us at sales@lightoptics.co.uk
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