OTN6500 17dB Gain DWDM EDFA Booster Amplifier 20dBm Output

Types :

What is EDFA Amplifier?
Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is an optical amplifier used in the C-band and L-band, where the loss of telecom optical fibers becomes lowest in the entire optical telecommunication wavelength bands.
Invented in 1987, EDFA is now most commonly used to compensate for the loss of an optical fiber in long-distance optical communication. Another important characteristic is that EDFA can amplify multiple optical signals simultaneously, and thus can be easily combined with WDM technology.

How EDFA Amplifier works?
EDFA works on the principle of stimulating the emission of photons. With EDFA, an erbium-doped optical fiber at the core is pumped with light from laser diodes. This type of setup in telecom systems can help with fiber communications, for example, boosting the power of a data transmitter.

EDFA Amplifier Advantages
The main advantage of EDFA is a high gain, wide bandwidth, high output power, high pumping efficiency, low insertion loss, and not sensitivity to the polarization state.

DWDM EDFA Card Functional Structure

DWDM EDFA Card Functional Structure


DWDM EDFA Amplifer Card is mainly used to compensate the power of the signal light in the transmission link, and it can amplify the optical signals of up to 48 channels (channel interval of 100 GHZ) or 96 channels (channel interval of 50 GHz) at the C band at the same time.
It has characters of flat gain, locked gain, low noise figure, etc. and it's an indispensable important component for DWDM systems, future high-speed systems, and all-optical network long-distance transmission.


Parameter Technical 
Working wavelength range Standard type:1528nm~1561nm, Applicable to 40wavelength (100 GHz) or 80 wavelengths (50 GHz) DWDM systems
Extension type:1528nm~1568nm, Applicable to 48 (100 GHz) or 96 wavelengths (50 GHz) DWDM systems
EDFA type BA (Booster-amplifier) LA (line-amplifier) PA (pre-amplifier)
Minimum input optical power -32 dBm -32 dBm -32 dBm
Maximum output optical power +20dBm +20dBm +17dBm
Maximum gain 20dB 33dB 30dB
Noise factor <5dB <5 dB <5 dB
Gain flatness <1.5dB <1.5dB <1.5dB
Network management function Support real-time monitoring for EDFA port working state, including optical power, optical pumping, temperature, etc
Unique technology Support gain locking technology, transient control technology automatic shut-off technology of output optical power
EVOA Built-in EVOA (optional); network management can adjust dynamic damping range of 1.5 dB~21.5 dB
Optical interface All interfaces are LC type
Typical power consumption 15 w
MTBF > 100000 hours

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